Geriatric Assessments

Annual general physical examinations are the mainstay of good preventative medicine. A general physical does have its limitations however. Organ system diseases (such as liver disease or kidney disease etc.) rarely develop overnight. The signs of these diseases may seem to appear quickly should a Pet become ill, but the actual disease process may be present and inapparent for weeks or even months prior to the onset of clinical signs. Geriatric Testing can sometimes aid in the early detection of disease. This may lead to management recommendations such as diet changes etc., which might prevent or delay the onset of more serious disease. In general, Geriatric Testing should be considered when your Pet reaches 7 years of age (sometimes even earlier in large breed dogs). Another benefit of Geriatric Testing for otherwise healthy patients is that it helps determine the normal or baseline values for a particular patient. In the event that illness does occur, comparing subtle changes test values in sickness and in health can sometimes aid the diagnostic process.