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Our Hospital

The Gloucester Veterinary Hospital first opened it doors in July of 1985. We took over the building in the spring of that year and set about converting what was once a family dwelling into our very own Veterinary Hospital. It was a lot of work, but the building adapted quite nicely to our needs. With the addition of a wall here and there, a door or two in existing walls, upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems, a new floor and a few gallons of paint, the main building was ready to go. The kennel area took a bit more work. Dog runs were constructed with a drain system connecting back to the main building, a separate “isolation” ward was created for potentially infectious cases and both feeding and laundry areas were added. Special attention was paid to the back door with the creation of a double door entry system to prevent any “escapees” from reaching the outside. We also added an air changer system to the kennel area giving us a complete air change every 15 minutes. We still view that as one of our best purchases ever.

Throughout our clinic, we have incorporated surface areas that meet our licensing body’s guidelines. These surfaces are designed to allow disinfecting solutions to easily sanitize floors, kennels, cages, countertops, walls, and exam tables. The surfaces are smooth and sometimes slippery to pets, however it is these features which help make them impervious to viruses and bacteria.

ACCREDITATION: The licensing body for veterinarians in Ontario conducts regular on-site inspections of our premises. It ensures that our facilities meet specific standards set out by our profession including equipment requirements, proper patient record-keeping, safe drug storage, medical reference library and that the premises are kept clean, orderly and sanitized. Meeting and maintaining these standards constitutes a significant investment in both time and money. This process is designed to protect you and your pets.

Our Patients:

  • Dogs
  • Cats