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Chester walked in the front door of our clinic, without the benefit of a human companion, one summer day in 1996. Once it was apparent he had no family to return to, he elected to stay on as clinic cat. His main duties include keeping the office chairs warm, assisting the Veterinarians by laying on books, papers etc. as they try to read or write, greeting and soliciting attention from sales representatives or other individuals meeting with the Veterinarians in the office area and sleeping. He also claims to be on mouse patrol although he has never found one and it is unclear what, if anything, he would do if he actually did. On a daily basis, Chester closely monitors staff breaks and diligently assesses the quality of staff lunches. One of his future goals is to be promoted to staff lunch taster in order to offer critical suggestions on content, preparation, etc. There are no plans to proceed with such a promotion at this time (but a cat can always hope). His existence can be summed up by one of his favorite sayings: “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff!”

Chester passed away in August 2014 at the ripe old age of 18 years. He will be fondly remembered and missed by his “staff”.