Medical Services

Preventative Medicine is a major focus in Veterinary Medicine today. Working with Pet Owners to avoid illness in their Pets is an important part of what we do. Unfortunately, illness cannot always be avoided and Pets are presented for a variety of medical conditions. Medical diagnosis begins with an appropriate history of what you, the Pet Owner, have observed. The Veterinarian will need to know what your concerns are and what you have seen. You will likely be asked questions to expand on the history you have given. Once the history is complete, the patient is examined and abnormal physical findings can be recorded. At this point, the Veterinarian can usually discuss the history and physical findings from a diagnostic or therapeutic viewpoint, outlining a plan for testing and/or treatment. In some cases a treatment will be apparent, in others more information will be required. (See COMPLETE MEDICAL ASSESSMENT). The importance of the initial consultation should not be underestimated. People often wonder how we do what we do when animals cannot talk. The simple answer is that we rely on you, the Pet Owner, to speak for them. Usually, the more information we can get, the better.