Here at the Gloucester Veterinary Hospital, we have always considered ourselves to be a large family with many extended family members of both the human and furry variety. We take pride in providing quality health care for our patients, working with our clients to help them make informed decisions regarding care for their pets, and the best customer service we can to our clients. Since COVID it has been difficult to provide appointments for everyone same day, however throughout the last 2 years we have done our best to adjust our schedule to allow us to see as many urgent medical appointments each day as we could, while still maintaining medical and preventative care to our long-time clients, and keeping our doors open to new clients and patients needing veterinary care.

Unfortunately there has been a development in the last couple of weeks that is going to affect our ability to continue to provide consistent care to our clients and patients.  Dr. Kristina McLaren has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (primary lung cancer that has metastasized to the brain with a solitary tumor in the brain). This has come as quite a shock to everyone here – given her young age and non-smoking history, it has been surprising, and baffling, not only to her, her family and her doctors, but also to our staff.

As a result, she is going to need to take a step back from her work here at Gloucester Veterinary Hospital. She is waiting on further appointments to schedule surgery and proceed with chemotherapy and radiation – we do not yet have a timeline on what treatment is going to look like, how long it will be, or what her expected prognosis is, however her doctors are optimistic that because she is young with a history of being a non-smoker, she will have access to newer treatments that seem to have a good success rate.

We hope our clients will be understanding and supportive through this difficult time. At a time when the pet population is at an all-time high, and the lack of new veterinarians available for hire, this means that our ability to provide timely appointments will be significantly affected. We will be attempting to support Dr. Scarlett with locum veterinarians and of course, continuing the recruiting drive to find the full-time doctor that we need to fill in the gap. We expect that this will also cause a delay in healthy, routine vaccine appointments, as well as further back log our surgery schedule (which many of you know was already fairly back logged).  Many appointments and surgeries that were scheduled in the next several weeks will need to be canceled and/or rescheduled for now as we try to adjust our schedule. Dr. McLaren will continue to work for the next week, possibly 2, however much of this is uncertain as she awaits further appointments and instructions from her doctors.



Your Team at Gloucester Veterinary Hospital